Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Awesome Vendors

I have to create a quick post during lunch here at work just to proclaim that we've got the best vendors in the world.  None of the places I've worked in the past had such generous - and dare I say loving? (ok, maybe that's a little too carried away) - vendors who lavished cornucopian tasties upon us.  (Still too much?  Ok, just a little hyperbolic.)
I have no idea who they are, or what exactly it is that they vend for us, but every day for the past week they've plied the IT Department with goodies.  One day it was festively decorated doughnuts.  Another was banana bread.  One brought bags of pre-popped popcorn (mmm, caramel covered popcorn).  One went healthy on us and brought a box of pears.  Sadly, there was no partridge.  They must have left it in the tree.

Today, it's a variety basket of crackers, cheese spread, nuts, dried fruit, and TEA!  10 glorious bags of English Breakfast tea.  I was courteous and only took one.  English Breakfast is one of my favorite blends, so it's amazing the box hasn't yet found its way into my desk drawer.  All bets are off if it's still there tomorrow.

The octagonal tin had peanut brittle from yesterday until it was finished off before 9:00.

Speaking of tea, I'm totally stealing this from another blog I follow, but I was so impressed I had to share.

I hope you enjoy it, too.


  1. School vendors hand out stuff like pens and calculators, note cards and book marks. Lucky you!

  2. Fun video! We usually get great stuff from vendors, but now they have to sneak it in and we have to pretend we don't know who brought it...I'm takin' lunch from Panera, or Irma's, or perhaps bagels. My point is, it's good stuff. But then, a department like ours is big business & big money. New regulations don't even let our doctors buy us presents...So they get us all $20 gift cards to Chilis and the script is they "took us to dinner."

    Some rules are just stupid.