Monday, October 3, 2011

Life Imitates Animation

I’ve hit a dry spell lately for blogging ideas. I guess that’s an indication of how uneventful life has been lately.

I’ve been enjoying reading the blogs I follow (I was going to include links, but I don’t want to leave anyone out, and that would mean a LOT of hyperlinks).

As I’ve been driving to and from work the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a trend in vehicle designs. Maybe it’s the new generation of automotive engineers, maybe they’re bored with the same ol’ – same ol’. Possibly, they’re trying to market to a younger generation, or even the nostalgia that Baby Boomers have for days gone by.

I posted this awhile back on Facebook.

Pikachu, I choose YOU!

Remember the Banana Splits?

Those Mazda 3s always remind me of the second character from the left.

And one more:

Looney Tunes?  I always liked Sam the Sheepdog.  Not enough that I'd want to drive a car that looks like him, though.

Isn't that odd, or is it just me?

Yeah, I think I know the answer to that question.


  1. I get the Pikachu one. I've never heard of the Banana Splits. And I love Looney Tunes. And I can see the resemblance. But is that odd that you would see cartoon characters in cars. Well. You know the answer! LOL! Perhaps too many cartoons for you!

  2. I see faces/expressions in cars! The Mazda 3 is the smiliest car ever. Some cars are grumpy, some mean, some look like rabid animals. I totally get the cartoon character references!

  3. Wow! My brain does not work that way...

    But the Looney Tunes are my favorite! I love that sheepdog!

    "Hello Ralph."

  4. I saw another one yesterday. It's another Mazda - this one has a piece of chrome running through the "smile." It looked like it had braces.