Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Today is the anniversary of Elvis' passing (alleged passing, that is).  This is one of those moments where "I remember I was ____ when ____."  I was traveling down I-35 in a two pickup caravan headed to Dallas, TX.  It was an FFA trip to Six Flags before my Freshman year started. 

The other vehicle called on the CB that they heard a news report that Elvis died.  We couldn't believe it.

I wasn't old enough to fully appreciate his contributions to music.  To me he was just an old singer that my sisters liked when they were growing up.  It wasn't until later that I came to understand how important he had been.

What better way to commemorate his death than with a pun.
I'll freely admit this isn't original - I'm lifting it from a friend's Wall on Facebook.

Six months after Elvis passed away, a fan, not believing Elvis was dead, broke into the grounds of Graceland and dug up the grave.  When he opened the casket, he found Elvis fastidiously erasing sheets of music.
He said, "Elvis, what are you doing?"
Elvis replied, "Decomposing."

Thank you! Thank-you-verra-much!

Are you old enough to remember what you were doing Aug. 16, 1977?


  1. I was at my house watching tv with my friend Brenda. It was sad and weird and we sang Elvis songs the rest of the evening!

  2. I wasn't born. :P But that was my reaction to Heath Ledger's death. Honestly, I thought it was an April Fools' joke or something, at first...

  3. LOL GREAT "sick" joke! I love Elvis. My youngest loves Elvis. We have tons of Elvis karaoke but none of us can come close to his amazing vocals.